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Event 2016


Johan Adda
UX Architect, ex-Apple

Johan Adda is an award-winning designer with over a decade spent on mobile.

Most recently, Johan was the UX Architect for an App that was just featured worldwide in the Apple App Store. Previous to that, he was lead UX and Senior Creative Designer for Apple, working on iAd, Apple Pay, Marcom.

A former Apple keynote speaker, Johan has spoken internationally about UX design at industry conferences, the most recent one being the Davos Forum.

Mark Allison
GDE for Android

Mark Allison is a GDE for Android and software engineer with over 30 years’ experience.

He is passionate about providing the user with the best possible experience. He has developed both server and client side, most commonly Android on the client side, but with also for iOS, HTML5, Symbian, and J2ME. Mark writes a technical blog ( which focuses on Android UI/UX topics, but often covers more general Android development techniques.

When not being geeky, Mark likes to unwind by hurling abuse at football referees, specifically those who are unkind to his beloved Watford FC with whom he holds a season ticket. He also has a deep love of the chilli pepper and consumes spicy food (his favourite being Indian) at every opportunity! Mark has a deep love of single many whisky - buy him a good whisky and you’ll have a friend for life!

Mark is happily married with a grown up step-daughter and lives in Hertfordshire, UK.

Ana Baotić
Android Software Engineer at Infinum

During college she focused on various e-learning projects and plagiarism detection, where she first fell in love in Java. After getting her Masters degree in CS, she started developing for Android at the Zagreb-based agency Infinum, working on various projects in the telecommunication, medical and travel industry.

After switching to mobile banking and security, in 2016 she took the role of Technical Manager of Mobile banking. In addition to coding, she loves organizing workshops and working directly with clients, helping to close the gap between the technical and practical in the mobile industry.

Apart from coding and public speaking, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

Jorge Barroso
Android Developer at Karumi & Android GDE

Jorge Barroso is the co-founder and Android developer of Karumi and Android GDE.

Karumi is an intentionally small software development studio headquartered in Madrid and specialized in developing lean and stable native applications and working with teams for improving their skills. Before Karumi, he worked 5 years as a Senior Tech Lead at Tuenti, the leading Spanish social network, and MVNO, part of the Telefonica Group.

At Tuenti, Jorge developed a wide variety of strategic products covering J2ME, Blackberry and especially Android. With over 10 years of software engineering experience, Jorge defines himself as a pragmatic coder who thrives on improving the Android project architecture by being a firm advocate of the concept of semantic code and test development.

He is continuously learning and honing his Android coding skills in an effort to understand and adapt to the evolution and of the internal framework. Jorge is also a seasoned tech conference speaker. He is well known among the Spanish developer community for talks covering the topics of best practices for Android development, Material Design adoption, and optimal application architectures.

Pedro Piñera Buendia
iOS Engineer at SoundCloud

Besides breaking things with code, Pedro works as an iOS engineer in the core clients team at SoundCloud, supporting other teams with tools, components, frameworks, and making them productive.

In his spare time, he likes exploring other technologies and languages and working on open source projects (he and Javascript became good friends recently).

You can follow his work on GitHub,, or read his posts on his personal website,

Hannes Dorfmann
Software Engineer at Tickaroo

Hannes Dorfmann is an enthusiasted software engineer and open source contributor mostly focused on Android development.

He works at Tickaroo (Germany) and takes the green little robot very close to his heart but if a helping hand is needed in iOS land, web frontend or backend, he is willing to help.

If Hannes is not coding then he is recording new episodes as co-host for TheContext podcast or writing his thoughts down in his blog.

He is a sports maniac and particularly likes football. Really, he likes football a lot!

Wiebe Elsinga
Lead Developer at Egeniq

Besides being a Google Developer Expert for Android, Wiebe Elsinga is a Lead Developer at Egeniq in The Netherlands.

He has a passion for UX and design. He regularly speaks at Mobile Developer conferences or is giving workshops. And let’s not forget a co-founder/organizer of the GDG Dutch Android User Group.

Paco Estevez
Software Engineer at Facebook UK

A rogue functional programmer in Android land, Paco started his career working on mobile videogames, and then transitioned to prototypes, experimental libraries, and worrying about day-to-day development experience.

Currently he helps to make the Facebook tools and frameworks even more awesome, from the London HQ. You can follow his thoughts on his blog, or his libraries at

David González
Android Software Engineer at Help Scout & Android GDE

David is an Android Software Engineer at Help Scout and a Google Developer Expert for Android ( He's actively involved in the Android community, co-organises the London Android User Group and has been developing with the Android platform since 2009.

He enjoys public speaking and loves sharing his experiences through conferences, blog posts and open source libraries like the Android Architecture Blueprints (

He is also a Google Startup Launchpad mentor, helping startups and companies produce highly desirable and quality products, by following agile methodologies; a skilled development process; and always going the extra mile.

Raymond Ho
Visual Lead Zalando

Hi, I'm Ray and I work as a Product Design Lead at Zalando. After a product design degree, a couple of internships, and a foray into graphic design, I decided to start from scratch in a brave new world known as Web design.

This experience opened my eyes to usability and accessibility, and how that fitted in with the ‘traditional’ facets of design that include artistry and subjectivity. Since then, I’ve been mindful of continuing to engage in opportunities that merged these interests.

Dimitris Kontaris
Senior User Experience Consultant at HSBC

Dimitris is passionate about designing for a great user experience, by aligning the user and business goals and mapping them back to the design. He has diverse experience from working with startups and indie developers, universities, and big consultancies like Accenture. More recently he has worked at Thomson Reuters and HSBC.

Dimitris has designed iOS, Android, and hybrid apps, GOV.UK websites, SAAS, and complex financial platforms. His educational background is in Mathematics (BSc), Digital systems and e-learning (MSc), and Human Computer interaction with Ergonomics (MSc, University College London).

When not designing, Dimitris is passionate about music composition, and portrait and landscape photography.

Rahul Malik
iOS Engineer at Pinterest

Rahul is an iOS engineer at Pinterest. He leads on the Core Experience platform team which focuses on engineering solutions to improve developer velocity and app quality. There he has led the development of entire rewrite of Pinterest on iOS and transitioned the architecture to be completely immutable for a faster and more stable experience.

He is the author of Plank, the Objective-C immutable model generator that is used to create all model classes at Pinterest. In a past life, he was a triathlete who completed Ironman Lake Tahoe in 2013.

John Sundell
iOS, indie game & open source developer at Hyper

John makes apps, games & Swift developer tools. He’s been working with iOS since the early days of the SDK, and has built apps & frameworks for companies like Volvo & Spotify.

These days he spends his days working as an iOS developer at Hyper Oslo, and his nights working on several widely used Swift open source projects, such as Unbox, SwiftPlate & Marathon.

Matthias Tretter
Lead Developer at IdeasOnCanvas

Matthias Tretter is the Lead Developer at IdeasOnCanvas, where he works on MindNode for iOS, MacOS and watchOS (

Matthias is passionate about a lot of things, but front and foremost technology, psychology and especially the intersection of both. Therefore he is equally interested in technical aspects of a product, as well as its user experience.

Since MindNode works on all Apple platforms, he and his team have gained a lot of experience in how to share code easily.

Huyen Tue Dao
Android Developer at Trello

Huyen Tue Dao is an Android developer of 7 years and a Google Developer Expert, currently working on the Trello Android team.

A proud graduate of the University of Maryland with a BS/MS in Computer Engineering, she is co-creator of the “Android Dialogs” YouTube channel.

When Huyen is not up late programming, she is often found up late gaming (video, board, card, anything).

Cesar Valiente
Software Engineer at Microsoft

Cesar Valiente is a passionate software engineer working at Microsoft in the One Note team.

Previously, he was one of the main Android devs of the multi-awarded productivity app Wunderlist, and the new and fresh released Microsoft Todo has a bit of his code too.

Cesar loves sharing knowledge with others, he has spoken in some of the most relevant mobile conferences in Europe.

He is Google Developer Expert, a recognition given by Google to those who help and share their experience with others, helping to grow the Android community.