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Event 2016


For Sponsors

To live up to all expectations we prepared a sponsorship offer which is giving you wide opportunities. Promote your company, show your products and unique approach, hire experienced specialists and network with mobile communities!

To receive a sponsorship offer, please send us an e-mail or reach us via mobile:, +48 726 782 149 or, +48 570 730 123

For Offcial Media Partners

If you want to start partnership with Mobiconf and become an Official Media Partner drop us a line to

If you are a member of the media focused on mobile technology, startups, design (UI/UX), mobile apps development, management & business, local media get your accreditation. Send your submission to

Your accreditation request will be reviewed by the Mobiconf Press team and you will receive an email registration confirmation or a decline notification. If your application is approved no further action is required.

For Community Partners

Mobiconf since 2014 takes care of European IT communities. We cooperate with:

  • communities focused on mobile apps development, UI/UX, software testing, Java, business management or startups,
  • communities with more than 100 members on board.

If you meet criteria above, leave us a note at